Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Small Treats with Rinea

 Today, I am bringing you a quick treat holder using the Magical Variety Pack - Artist's 4 x 6. as well as Rinea Emerald Starstuck Foil Paper and Rinea Copper Starstuck Foil Paper

Rinea Magical Foiled Paper Variety Pack - Artist's Pack - 12 Sheets - 4" x 6"

This treat holder can be created for any occasion - just by changing up your color scheme. The great thing is that Rinea offers such a wonderful variety of BEAUTIFUL Foil Papers! In so many fabulous colors 

Now lets get started!

Rinea Magical Variety Pack - Artist's 4" x 6 " (I used the Starstuck Gold and Glossy Ruby Red)
Black Cardstock -heavy weight
Red Polka Dot Ribbon
Enamel Dots
Various Dies
EK Success Boarder Punch
Bone Folder
Score Board - Not Picuterd

1. Cut the cardstock into 2 pieces - one will be the base and the other will be the band. Base - cut a strip that measures 2" x 8" . Next - band - cut a strip that measures 1 -1/2" x 6 -1/2". Next, score the base at 3 -1/2" from each end. Next, score the band at 1", 3", 4" & 6". Then, fold on the score lines, use bone folder to get a good crease.

2.  Now, use the boarder punch to punch each end of the base. You will notice that the punch leaves a bit of extra tabs, just cut those off to have a clean end. Next, Punch 2 holes for the ribbon closer.

3. Now, take the band and place some adhesive on the end with the small tab. Next, Bring the other side to the adhesive and place down. Then, work the the band back into shape.

4. Insert base into band pushing it  into place so that the  bottom is flush. Note: you can add a bit of adhesive if you like but, I find that it fits nice and snug. So, I didn't use any.

5. Now it's time to decorate the treat holder. Use punches or dies to cut out shapes from the Rinea Magical Variety Pack - Artist's 4" x 6 " (I used the Starstuck Gold and Glossy Ruby Red), Rinea Emerald Starstuck Foil Paper  and Rinea Copper Starstuck Foil Paper . (I used dies and cut out flowers and leaves). 

Then, I curled the flower petals and then stacked them. I love that the Foil Paper holds it's shape so the flower look so full.  Next, adhere the leaves and flowers to the front of the holder. Next, finish with some enamel dots or jewels for the center of the flowers. Finally, run the ribbon through both holes at the top of the holder from the back to the front and tie a bow.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you create some wonderful little treat holder of your own using the BEAUTIFUL Rinea Foil Papers.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

This week the challenge is: Anything Goes

Our sponsors this week are:

Prize: Two Digital Images

 & Two Coordinating Digital Paper Sets 

Prize ~ The 3 Digital Images used by the DT

Prize ~ $15 Gift Certificate

This is my card for this challenge. This is also my last card for Crafty Gals Corner Design Team. It's been a real pleasure working with the most amazing and talented ladies. I wish them all of the best.

I used the Floral Set by Twinkle Lane Designs

Monday, June 11, 2018

Wonderful Memories with Rinea

First I would like to say I am so honored to be on the Rinea Design Team.

I was asked to create a project using the Rinea Magical Variety Packs - they are available in Crafter's Pack 6" x 12"  and the Artist Pack 4" x 6" These beautiful Foil papers are fabulous to work with; they hold their shape, they are super easy to punch or die cut. They can be cut to any size easily with any trimmer.

I created this fun mini album ready to be filled with our next Disney World visit.


This mini album can be done a few hours. You can make it ahead and just fill it with your photos when you get home. Or you can send it off to the grandparents.

So, Let's get started. 

Rinea Magical Variety Pack in 6" x 12" 
Rinea Magical Variety Pack in 4" x 6"
3 pieces of Black Heavy weight Cardstock 
Coordinating Pattern Paper (I used the Say Cheese Snap Pack by Simply Stories) 
Chipboard -  2 pieces squares and 3 pieces circles(2 pcs at 1" and 1 pc at 1-3/4)
Ribbon for closing album & decorating
Bone Folder
Various Pinches/ Dies
Paint or Ink (optional)

Instructions:  I used a Yellow piece of cardstock for this tutorial because it's easier to see.

Making the inside of the Album:
1. Cut all 3 pieces of  the Black card stock 81/2" x 81/2". Next, fold the card stock in half as shown in the pictures below. Then, open it and fold in half again the other way. Making sure to cease with the bone folder. You should now have 4 equal squares. Repeat these on all of the pieces of card stock. I have included the measurement if you would like to to this on your scoreboard. (score it in half on both sides (4-1/4″). This will then create 4 equal squares) See pic

2. Next, you will only create a diagonal in one of the 4 parts of your large square. You can use your trimmer, scoreboard or I just meet up the ends like I am going to fold up an airplane. (see pictures below). Crease with the bone folder. Repeat on the rest of the black pieces. - if you would like to to this on your scoreboard - (Then turn your square diagonal in your scoreboard or trimmer and score one of the squares from the outside corner to the center corner.) See pictures below.

3. Now, making sure that the diagonal fold is in the left corner. You will cut the card stock cut on the right side between the 2 squares on the score line.

4. Then, you will start the folding "magic". Here, we go fold the diagonal line in half making a triangle in that square, then fold it on to the bottom square. It should look like an a capital L. 
Next, bring the right square over onto the triangle. Place some adhesive on this square and then bring the top square down and place over the  adhesive. Repeat this on all the black card stock. See pictures below.  

5. Now, we are ready to stack and adhere all the pop up corners together. Place some adhesive one on of the closed pop up sections, then stack the next on top.Now,If you would like to create some pockets for additional journaling or pictures ONLY adhere 3 sides of the stack leaving the top or side open. Set aside.  (I used the 3 x 4 cards from the Say Cheese Snap Pack by Simple Stories as my extra Journaling/picture cards. To make it easy to pull the them out of the pockets I punched a tab from the Ebony/Gold Foil paper from the Magical Variety Pack 4 x 6. and adhered it to the top of the card. See pictures below.  


Making the covers:
1. Cut 2 pieces chipboard down to 4-1/8" square. Next, from 6" x 12" Red Starstruck Foil Paper cut 2 pieces into 4 1/2". Now, adhere the chipboard squares to the Red Starstruck  Foil paper making sure it's centered. Now, fold up the edge of the Red Starstruck paper (I like to rub my bone folder along the edge to get a nice crease) around the chipboard. Next, trim the corner the corner so that there isn't to much bulk. Now, put some adhesive on the chipboard and press the Red Starstruck paper down. Repeat  - See pictures below.


2. Now, adhere the covers to the inside album stack you created earlier. (I like to use wet adhesive for this because it gives me a bit of wiggle room). Repeat on other side.

3. Next, cut a length of ribbon about 18" - 20" Adhere it to the front cover, wrapping it around to the back cover (I like to leave a bit of space about 1/4" on the spine because of the embellishing). 

4. Now, Paint/Ink the edges only of the 3 chipboard circles. Then, adhere all three to Ebony/Gold Foil paper from the Magical Variety Pack 4 x 6  - Gold side; so you have a beautiful Ebony Black Mickey Head. Trim the circles and adhere them to the cover. See pictures Next, Adhere the 3 Ebony Black chipboard circles on top of the ribbon on the front cover.


5. Now, it's time to embellish your mini album. Note: you can make as many inside pop up pages for your album. For this tutorial I only created 3. I have plenty of space for pictures and some quick journaling. I add some jewels, enamel dots, ribbon, labels, stickers and die cuts from the Say Cheese Snap Pack by Simple Stories as well as some punched stars, hearts and circles.

Thank you for stopping by today. I can't wait to see what you create with Magical Variety Paper Pack