Monday, August 25, 2008

All Wet!!

My morning has been wet. I stepped into my scrap area and relized that the carpet was wet. We had a flood. Our AC is busted and started to leak. So I managed to pick up everything i could I had to move everything out and start shop vacing it all. Now we have get the AC fixed. Aahh Life.

I guess I need to change things around anyway. So my bad day is going to be your good day. I have a cute round Tin{about 4" in diameter} perfect for altering and creating a mini album inside. I'll fill it with some flowers{silk & paper} that would be a nice giveway. Yes, they are dry and clean just in case you are wondering-LOL

All you have to do is leave me a comment about your day good or bad and I'll pick a winner on Wednesday.

Here are some pictures of the tin


open showing the mixed flowers


StampinCathy said...

Sorry to hear about your bad day. My day is a wet one also, but we really need the rain. I'm having a found my MOJO day. I start on a card...stop...have to thing about it...go back to the card...repeat. Hopefully I will be able to finish this card by the end of the day.
Good Luck on getting everything dry. Thanks for a chance at your sweet bad day gieveay.
Cathy 4639

Peggy #4129 said...

Annie: Im on vacation so my day is good....I cleaned my Kitchen cupboards yesterday and mopped the Kitchen floor, today I did my bath and bedroom, this evening Im going to dive into my SCRAP room......thats the scarrrrrrrrrrrrrie part............and if I come out of there alive I will do the living room and entry way tomarrow.........
Sorry your day started out a bit soggy............heres wishing for you a better day.
Peggy #4129

Patty Williams said...

Fairly good day here. Got the kids up early and started laundry. Always laundry!

School starts tomorrow, so we are packing backpacks and checking supplies!

Hope your day gets better!

Patty Williams said...

ooops...Patty #2832 !

Melissa E said...

Oh, how I can relate!

My bad day: I'm home recovering from a hysterectomy and on Saturday my son comes to me and says, "Mom, there's water all over the wash room." I'm thinking the washing machine overflowed because he packed it too full. But no ... my water heater burst a leak. Rusty, icky water all over the place! I called around and le arned that the cheapest water heater was $440 ... and that didn't include tax, the earthquake straps, permit, or installation.

My good day: On Sunday, my 69-year-old dad -- bless his wonderful, sweet heart showed up with a new water heater and his bucket of tools. He and my son wrestled out the old one and installed the new one. I don't know what I'd do without my daddy! (See a couple pics on my blog)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your bad day - I mine was pretty good with the exception of having to go to work !!! lol

Turtlelady said...

I went to the DR today and he finally listened to me!!! He gave me some pain pills for my feet. I am a "new" diabetic and it really has settled into my feet. I don't like taking more meds but I can walk a little better :=)
Turtlelady~Sandy #1715

Anonymous said...

Hi. I love your blog by the way. I started with this same template LOL I am sorry about the AC but it was nice to read that you made lemonade out of lemons. I had a great day. My baby dgd (one yr old as of July 4th) spent the day with me and it was a blast. She's walking and followed me everywhere helping me, handing me things, laughing at herself LOL Anyway life here is GREAT! I will check back soon.

Anonymous said...

what a way to wake up to water, i kind of know that feeling.went to work as usual i biked, feeling good & left work at 2pm to discover it was a bit wet, i managed to get mr 4 1/2 yrs from kindy & miss almost 8 from school all before 3.30pm. it is quite scary when the scrap area is wet,thankfully u have the super mummie skills to get everything saved;) adorable blog by the way,such a cute rak & thanks for the chance to win ;)

Denise said...

WOWZA look at all those yummy flowers!! You are so sweet to do this - someone is gonna be a happy scraper!

Well, my day was pretty good. Busy, but good. I dropped my daughter off at school in the morning, then went walking - I walked the track 4 times (gotta be able to fit into that wedding dress, ya know?) Then came home - Jeff didn't have to work, so we went out on the boat. Wanted to get some scalloping in before the season ends, but the water was too murky from Fay. Came home, showered, ate then went to my GS leaders meeting last night. We're gettin ready to kick off the nut/candy/magazine sale - woohoo.

Well Annie - hope everything dries out for you!! Take care!

Charith said...

Oh no Annie, what a frightening way to start the week.
My week has started out wet too, many errands to run and it's been pouring.
Here's hoping you have a great rest of the week!

Carrie Egg said...

So sorry to hear about your bad day Annie :( On the other hand mine was great :-) My MIL watched my son and I was about to go to Hobby Lobby and my LSS all by myself. It was fabulous!

Thanks for this fun RAK :)

Carrie #4114

Jingle said...

Yikes! I would SO panic! Glad you were able to get stuff out of the water! My day is pretty normal and boring today. Just at work. Hoping to get some scrapping done tonight, but we'll see.

Krysti said...

Oh man! I'm sooo sorry your soo wet :( what a bad way to start the day off - You're too nice to give away something, on your bad day!

Hopefully the week gets better, but you know what wet stuff means - NEW STUFF :)

Krysti #3943