Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finding Inspiration....

Today is a good day to go out and find inspiration. I was just over my friend Pinky's blog she has the cutest flowers on there. You would love to have those for a layout.
May has some sneak peeks of her upcoming classes - go check it out. Cherrie she is always inspiring me. Lea is beyond inspiration. I wish I had some of that girl's talent!

Then there is Angela Daniels she has some funny stuff on her blog too. Laughing is inspirational and she such an Artful Blogger!!!

So I am looking for inspiration everywhere today. I even found some in the litte drawings my kids left for me this morning. It's a great day here in the swamp aka Florida!

Let me know what inspiration you found today.


Genevieve Rodriguez said...

So sweet of you to leave a trail of Fiskalove. Good job!

Mardi said...

TFS your fav blogs with us! I totally agree with your comments! Such talent.

Unknown said...

AWWWW Thanks Annie your so sweet!