Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Morning...

This morning my youngest DD Rowynn- along with about ten other students where honored at school. They received awards for achievement in academics. She received another award for being the top in the state in the FCAT (this is a state standard test). After we (DH & me) were asked by the counselor to stay a minute and she told us about the Baccalaureate Program that they (the school & county) want Rowynn to go into. I feel that it's the best program for Rowynn. She is already doing a Duke University Program. I am very proud of Rowynn. She has a Beautiful mind. Best of all she has a Beautiful heart.

Now, As for me I have to admit I went a bit camera crazy. I have now upload all those pictures and pick a few of my favorites and make her a layout.

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Colleen said...

what an honor. You must be so proud of her.